25 BEST – DIY Hanging Plant Ideas Containers Outdoor!

Hanging plant ideas have more benefits than traditional pots. They are perfect for small space, and pets or kids cannot mess them up. You can adorn your house with DIY hanging plant ideas containers. They are easy, beautiful, and can reduce junks in your house. Here are some great ideas you can try right now.


1. Vintage Birdcage Planter

The vintage birdcage is a great idea for hanging planter. It gives a whimsical look on your terrace or balcony. Disinfect the cage first, and place moss or coco liner at the bottom to hold the soil. Mix water-retaining granules and organic fertilizer before placing it at the bottom. Break the soil balls of the plants and put the soil on top of the mixture, before adding the plants.


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This bird cage planter is perfect for succulents or hanging ferns. Don’t forget to reinforce the cage, because it will become heavy.


2. Colander Hanging Plant Ideas

The colander is a great for hanging plant ideas container because it has small holes, which are important for drainage. You can use old colander without repainting it to give rustic charm. To make it, place several coffee filters on the bottom. Mix soil with a little slow-releasing fertilizer before filling the colander. Break the soil balls of the plants before placing them in the colander.


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Colander planters are great to adorn your backyard or kitchen. You can plant succulents, herbs, or colorful flowers like petunias and marigolds.


3. Plastic Bottle Planter

Large plastic bottles, such as the ones from drinking water, shampoo, conditioner, or body wash products, are great for DIY hanging plant ideas containers. You can peel off the label, cut the top with a sharp blade or cutter, and spray-paint the surface with your favorite color. Sand the top to reduce the sharpness, and drill both sides near the top to wrap the twine around. Place small rocks on the bottom before putting the soil and plants.


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You can make multiple hanging planters by working on several bottles and connect them with long twine through the holes. If you don’t want to work with soil, use the planters as regular flower vases.


4. Tin Can Planter

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Tin can planter is a common view in a creative household. You can repaint it or let the old grey color for the rustic charm. Drill several small holes for drainage and put small pebbles into the bottom layer. Mix soil with slow-release fertilizer and place any plant you like. If you want to hang it, choose plants that can be visible from the bottom, such as English ivy or ferns.


5. Moss Ball Planter

Kokedama, which means “moss ball” in Japanese, is a unique planter that mostly uses organic materials. You make it by mixing half peat moss and half bonsai soil with some water until you get a damp mixture. Take the plant and warp the root with this mixture and form a ball. Wrap the ball with moss before tying a long twine around it. Hang it anywhere you like.


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This planter is recommended for plants such as Bird’s Nest fern, philodendron, staghorn fern, Rex begonia, asparagus fern, and Balfour aralia. They are not recommended for succulents, maidenhair fern, and most flowering plants.


6. Mason Jar Planter

Mason jars have many functions, including as DIY hanging plant ideas containers. They are perfect for slow-growing plants that only need indirect light (you can also plant cooking herbs here). To make a perfect planter, place several pebbles on the bottom for drainage. You can also use charcoal pellets to prevent mold. Mix soil with slow-release fertilizer before putting your plants.


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Mason jar can be hung with twine or rope, but you can also place them on wooden wall rack with bent metal rods. Avoid heat source or direct light, since the glass can “cook” the root inside.


7. Coconut Shell Planter

Half part of coconut shell is a nice planter for plants such as mini succulents. You can polish the shell and decorate it with acrylic paint (or let it bare for the more natural look). Make two small holes at the bottom for drainage, and four holes on the rim to hang the twine. Fil the shell with soil and slow-release fertilizer before planting the succulent.


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Mini succulent is chosen for this planter because it does not need too much watering. You only need to water it when the soil looks dry.


8. Glass Bottle Planter

Glass water bottle planter is a great DIY hanging plant ideas container. You can recycle old bottles, and they are easy to make, especially with kids. To make it, secure the bottle’s mouth with its cap, and cut half of the bottle. Paint it with acrylic paint in any patterns you love. Let it dry before hanging with a rope.


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Fill the bottle with small pebbles and soil. You can plant mini herbs or succulents because they are easy to maintain. Hang the bottles anywhere you like.


9. Tires Planter

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Tires are the most reused waste material, because the rubber is very resilient and you can transform them in useful objects. With a little creativity then you can turn it into a place to flowers plants at your home. You can color them in different colors and you’ll obtain new pots for your flowers.


10. Gloves Planter

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Unused gloves can also be a solution for planting. You can fill it with soil and fertilizer to plant some small flower plants in there. Hang it in front of your home and you will surprise your friend.


11. Boots Planter

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Some of your children’s boots that are not used can also be a hanging plant ideas. With some nails or rubber threads, you can hanging up old rubber boots as a vase in front of your house. Place it with gloves as above.

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12. Chandeliers Planter

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You can use the container plants from the chandeliers. Paint with striking colors until it looks more attractive. Place this on the balcony terrace, in addition to adding freshness will add a beauty on your home.


13. Bucket Planter

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A old metal bucket is an unexpected container-gardening vessel that fits into an all-natural springtime setup. With periwinkles, the profusely blooming Rieger begonias, coleus, and other annuals you can make rustic feel aesthetic.


14. Bags Flower Plant

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When you have a lot of unused bags, you can utilize for hanging plant container media. you can create these amazing flower planters. Bags are ideal to use as planters because is very easy to hanging up in any media. Don’t forget to poke holes underneath for the drainage.


15. Umbrella Hanging Planter

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Umbrella planters are lovely to look at and they are also a cinch to make. You can remove the handle and to fill the umbrella with soil Then you can start filling it with fresh flower blooms or seedlings of flowers. One thing to attention is the weight of the plant. May be coated it with some wire as a reinforcement so as not to break down when the plant starts to grow thick.

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16. Light Bulb Planter

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Clear light bulbs can also be used as a planting container. All you need is patience when you make it. Some small plants can you place it in the lamp. Make sure you make the distance between light bulbs so as not to break when exposed to wind.


17. Galvanized Pipe Planter

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You find a galvanized pipe on your home? don’t to waste,The galvanized planters are such a great idea. If you live in a farm this is look perfect with your environment. Planters are sturdy, durable, and so attractive a no breakable. Looks great and fits in perfectly for your outdoor decor.


18.  Wire Steel Hanging Baskets

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You can also try The solid steel hanging baskets. Some wire clothing hangers in your home can be used for that. This be perfect for lining with moss and hanging together for a descending display.


19.  Snail Shells Hanging Planters

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If you’re looking for something a little different for your garden, why not consider the attractive snail hanging plant ideas. You can find large snail shells used as unique hanging planters in a rice field or river near your home. Hang it your plant in balcony, this will growth in full sun and high humidity.


20. Rain Gutter Planter

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Gutter gardens are a great way to take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home to grow flowers. Gutters of your former damaged house can be used to reduce plastic waste. Give it a bit of light color and it will be perfect in the front terrace of your home.


21. Wooden Pallet Planter

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Some houses with small areas may consider using wooden pallets as planting container. Place your pallet garden in your patio, balcony, garage or backyard can add amazing looks and freshness. You can prepare it in different sizes as per your available space. It can contains flowerbeds with unseen pot hooks for hanging flowerpots.

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22. Hanging Tea cup Planter

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A few glasses of your old house pot can be an alternative to a hanging plant ideas. You can plant herbs there like a mint. With some straps you can hang it outside your room window or near the kitchen.


23. Hats Hanging Plant Ideas

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Dig up your creativity by using an old straw hat or a baseball cap to create a hanging garden. Make a hole in the front or top and you can insert polybag or pot in there. Hang it on the fence of your house to make the feel greener.


24. Wicker Basket Planter

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This is a great hanging plant ideas for renters, apartment dwellers, or anyone who wants to enjoy just a little bit more greenery for your balcony. Woven baskets from parcel are often not used anymore when it is opened. You can plant it with some herbs or flowers this will make a fresh to anyone who sees it and is safe from children and your pets.


25. Burlap Sack Planter

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If you have a burlap sack, you can make it a hanging-style container with retro style. This it is not too difficult, just take the scissors and cut into pieces then put together with a stitch to form a square. You can plant it with small plants or herbs. This can also be a unique gift for your friends or wedding events and such as it. These DIY hanging plant ideas are not only easy, but they will make your house greener and fresher. 

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