29 IDEAS – Simple Chic! Indoor Garden Plant Home Apartment

Living in an apartment may be convenient, but it can bring limitations. For example, you cannot have a garden with all your favorite flowers. Luckily, there are Indoor garden plant apartment ideas you can try to adorn your living space. These plants are convenient, need only a little space, and perfect to make your apartment more eye-pleasing.

Here are 29 Ideas to have in your indoor garden plant apartment.


1. Aloe Vera Plant

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Aloe is a staple in various indoor garden plant apartment ideas. This plant is resilient and only needs a little water. The sharp, jutting leaves create a dramatic effect, and the gel inside them is good to treat minor skin burn. You should put the aloe pot in a place that gets much sunlight. Keep the plant away from cats or dogs, since it can make them sick. Since aloe retains water in the leaves, water it only when the soil looks dry.


2. Lavender Plant

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Lavender is an unconventional option for apartment plant, but there are small varieties that can be grown in small containers. Lavenders love moist, alkaline soil, but not drenched. Make sure you plant them in a pot with drainage holes. Put a saucer under the pot to catch the water. Avoid overwatering the flower and place it on the spot with moderate to bright indirect light. Lavender will bring bright color and fragrance in your apartment.


3. Japanese Peace Lily

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Japanese peace lily is a popular garden plant apartment idea because of its elegance. It also has air-purifying quality, making it great for an enclosed apartment. The flower can grow well under moderate, indirect light, and you only need to water it occasionally (but don’t let the soil dry). Put the flower in a slightly higher place if you have a pet since it can be dangerous for cats or dogs.


4. Cactus Indoor Garden Plant

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Cactus is a popular indoor garden plant apartment option, and it never loses its popularity. Cactuses come in various shapes and flower shades, and some species are small enough to be planted in mini pots. Cactus is ideal for an apartment because it only needs indirect light and occasional watering. The plant’s unique visual blends perfectly with various apartment interior styles. Make sure to bring in your cactus when raining if you put it on the balcony.


5. Snake Indoor Garden Plant

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Snake plant is a popular succulent for indoor green space. The plant is sturdy and can live with moderate light. You only need to water it when the soil looks dry. Snake plant has a unique aesthetic that comes from its jutting, yellow-edged leaves. They also come in various sizes, perfect for any apartment sizes.


6. Chrysanthemum Plant

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Chrysanthemum, also known as Garden Mum, is a bright flower that will cheer up your apartment. This is a good indoor garden plant apartment choice for the more attentive owners because the flower needs bright light in the afternoon and total darkness at night. You should choose the varieties that bloom all year round so that you can enjoy beautiful flowers all the time. Garden Mum is toxic for cats and dogs, so be careful.


7. Paddle Plant

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Paddle plant is a succulent with wide leaves that grow in flower-like formations. This plant is easy to care because you only need to water it when the soil looks dry. Paddle plant loves bright light, indirect or direct, so make sure you put it in a strategic place such as near the window. If you love cranking up AC or heater to maximum, this plant can tolerate it too.


8. Philodendron Plant

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Philodendron is a indoor garden plant apartment option that removes guess works from you. The plant has visual clues that tell you everything it needs. For example, if the leaves grow small, it means you need to fertilize it. If the leaves turn yellowish, it means the plant gets too much bright light. You only need to water philodendron when the topsoil is dry. The large leaves make your apartment look fresher.


9. African Violets Plant

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African violets may look fancy, but they are one of the easiest flowers to care. They only need watering once a week, but make sure to pour water on the soil (wetness on leaves cause ugly water spots). African violets come in various shades of purple, perfect to add some bright colors to your apartment. If you want to have beautiful blooms all year round, try mixing the soil with slow-release fertilizer.


10. Ponytail Palm Plant

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Ponytail palm is a unique green that has characteristics of succulent, palm, and bonsai tree. This mini palm has unique long leaves and bulbous trunk that store water. You only need to water it when the soil looks dry. Ponytail palm only needs moderate indirect light, making it ideal for an apartment with less natural light than ideal.


11. Spider Plants

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This houseplant is very popular because it’s very easy to grow and adaptable. In indoors room, you can use vermiculite or coconut husk as potting media. Simply placed near the sunny window or access near some sunlight and you will see it grow. To keep the moisture you can watering once a week.


12. Lucky Bamboo

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Lucky Bamboo plants can be placed anywhere in the home and does not need in-direct sunlight. This plant, which isn’t really bamboo at all, but instead is a type of tropical water lily comes as straight or twisted green stalks and is usually about 6 to 12 inches high. Some stones or marbles in the bottom pot can be perfect container to grow this plant.


13. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

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The Zamioculcas or Zamia plants is one of the best indoor garden plant for a windowless office. This plant we often encounter in malls and large office buildings. Zamia plants will do better if you leave them alone. Much like cacti, they need less water to growth, too much water will kill this plant. You can watering plants only when the soil has dried out.


14. Fiddle Leaf

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Fiddle Leaf Fig is well suited for growing indoors because it does not become excessively large and you can make your home look lively and freshers. Fiddle Leaf also known as the weeping fig or Braided Ficus, this low-maintenance, attractive plant is perfect for your indoor room apartment. Make sure to proper drainage for avoiding overwatering, because it can cause root decay.


15. Chinese Money Plants

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Chinese Money Plant is ideally placed with bright, and indirect sun. This plant is easily propagated indoors, if you find that it produces new shoots, you can cut and soak them in water with indirect sunlight window, and you will get start new plants. The only thing you need to careful this plant is to keep not too drench or dry.

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16. Calathea Plants

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Some indoor plants not only make the air and eyes cooler but also can add to your color decoration room, one of them you can try this plant. Calathea is most popular houseplant. They comes in various shapes and sizes; the leaves for example can be curved, ribbed, round, oval or pointed and display the most beautiful patterns. Go with indirect sunlight and evenly moist soil that’s not wet or dry. To show off this colorful leaves.


17. English Ivy

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This indoor garden plant is easily grown in average medium moisture and well-drained soils in part shade. Will also grow in full sun. English Ivy can tolerates a wide range of soils but produces best foliage color in evenly moist soils. Put your plant in a pot that gives it room growth and you should also steady moisture to keep your plants.


18. Asparagus Fern

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Indirect light is best to growth this plant. You should also give them plenty of water, but must be careful not to over-saturate the soil. Asparagus Fern will be Ideal to plant in hanging baskets. You can also see the hanging plant idea in HERE.


19. Rubber Plants

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The rubber plant is a one of the best houseplant with large, thick and dark green leaves. The dark leaves make a feel dramatic impression, this can be perfect to place in the corner of your window space. Just provide the rubber tree with the right mix of soil, light, and water, and you’ll have a beautiful indoor garden plant.


20. Peperomia

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If you have a small enough space to gardening in apartment, you can try to plant Peperomia. This plants is short and low-maintenance, Peperomia is tropical plant, some people callit patterned leaves with sweet pattern watermelon’s skin. This plants are great to add a more welcoming room in your apartment.

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21. Dieffenbachia

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The one of most easy houseplants to grow is Dieffenbachia. But this plants is dangerous, Make sure to wear gloves when handling the plant, and keep it away from children and pets. Dieffenbachia is a tropical plant that grows well indoors in lots of indirect light, you can place it in corner of your room for add some greeny.


22. Dracaena

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This plants is one of the most effective houseplants in air purification. The identical of Dracaena is this plants have their strap-like leaves and tree-like appearance. You can allow the top inch of the soil to dry out, as dracaena plants do not grow well in soggy soil.


23. Bromeliad

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Growing a bromeliad as a houseplant is easy and brings interesting texture and color to the interior garden. Bromeliads are well-known but not over played in interiors, but this can be an option if you like it.


24. Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe is one of the most breathtaking flowering succulents with a captivating foliage. Like many succulents, kalanchoe need minimal watering and can actually suffer if over-watered. You can place pots with this beautiful blossoms in your home or office. They are very easy to care for and can be grown indoors or outdoors.


25. Christmas Cactus

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This popular, winter-flowering houseplant makes a great addition to nearly any indoor setting. Christmas cactus is not only easy to care for but propagates easily too, making it an exceptional candidate for holiday gift giving. Like a name; this plant unsurprisingly blooms at Christmas and also sometimes around Easter time if cared for properly.

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26. Schefflera

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This pretty and greeny houseplants are easy to grow because they can thrive in artificial or moderately bright light conditions and are susceptible to few pests. Besides its pretty appearance, Schefflera also scores as an air freshener. Like many other plants, Schefflera plants do not like it too wet or too dry. In placed like a windows, some sun in the morning and evening hours are favourably for this plant to keep happy.


27. Oxalis triangularis

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With its fanciful and intriguing purple foliage will be perfect to add your decoration room. Indoor, you can keep oxalis triangularis in a sunny spot like a windows. You will find the deep purple foliage really brings out the vibrant green of other plants.


28. Devil Plants

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In other ideas indoor garden plant, devil’s ivy can be an alternative choice to adds lush greenery for your hanging baskets. This plants requires watering only when the first quarter inch of soil begins to feel dry to the touch. Be careful overwatering will cause the plant’s roots to rot. Put the flower in a slightly higher place if you have a kids or pet since it can be dangerous.


29. Boston Fern

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The Boston fern It’s one of the most popular ferns to grow, and its long, frilly-like branches add greenery to indoor room apartment. You can place it in an area with medium humidity to keep it happy. Drooping fronds that are naturally is really good in a hanging basket or in a place where the fronds can hang down over something like a window corners or chairs.

Choosing the right indoor garden plant apartment idea depends on your apartment condition. Make sure to consider the possible placements, light source, and other factors before choosing a plant. 

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