20+ Awesome DIY Project of Hanging Planter for Wall

Having a greenery or hanging planter for wall or ceiling would create a beautiful focal point for the room. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, decorative plants would work out everywhere. This kind of decoration would totally brighten up your room. With some vertical gardening tips, you can grow the plants by yourself. Or, you can also buy it from the store if you want to add them quickly to your house. You can adjust the plant based on the season.

You can have the brighter greens of plants and flowers in the summer and spring season. Then, for the winter or fall, you can set up some darker colors and firs. Hanging planters is a great way to display plants for indoor. It will become more or a feature piece for any room. In this article, you will explore more than 20 ideas of hanging planters design that can be your DIY project. The planters are definitely become the centerpiece of the room.

1. Hanging Planter with Copper Finish

credit picture by elledecor 

This planter is not really hanging, but it looks like it’s floating near the wall because it holds by a very thing metal-structured rack. You can set your ducks and plants neatly in a row attached to your wall. As you can see, it’s a good deal for wooden wall paneling.

You can even add color to your plain wall when it’s painted crisp white. The white planter is a perfect container for the small plants.

2. Vertical Wall Garden with Leather and Wood Trellis

credit picture by homedit

Leather and wood trellis has become the primary material of this vertical wall garden. The key to reaching the whole look of this planter is the choice of a green plant. You can choose various kind of small plants to together in one place, or you can pick one type of plants for all the pots.

The white wall as the background is very supportive to create an outstanding view on this wall. There will be no chance to say that your wall is empty. Because it’s full of natural pieces now.

3. DIY Hanging Planter for Wall with Mesh

credit picture by countryliving

A steel mesh from Home Depot store could be a great material to support your wall planter. It offers some kind of texture and base to hang your planter. To complete the planter treatment, you will need hooks and hanging pots which are also available on the store.

This mesh planter would provide you as much space as you want for your pots. Once again, white color background is still gonna be the most recommended color for the wall of background.

4. Hanging Diamond-Shaped Planter

credit picture by housebeautiful

One of the best indoor hanging planter for the wall you can have to splash color to your wall. Well, it’s just not about the color. Look at the shape of the pot, it gives a unique look to any wall. The diamond-shaped pot with vivid colors is really an eye-catching display for your room.

You need to arrange more than one planter to achieve this beautiful look. Don’t forget about hanging them with different heights. Small flower plants seem to be suitable for this stylish planter.

5. Hanging Planter for Wall with Terrarium Glass

credit picture by ebay.com

If you don’t want the planter on the wall to be dominating the whole look of your room, you might wanna consider to lower down the charm with these terrarium glass planter. It’s quite clever to smoothly decorate your wall.

Using terrarium glass as a planter, the choice of plants should be the ones that live on the water. You won’t fill the glass with soil, the glass pots would be filled with water to grow the plants.

6. Shabby Chic Hanging Planter for Wall

credit picture by Pinterest

There are a large number of styles you can have for your hanging planter. As you can see, this rustic wall planter is looking great to be applied in your room. You don’t need pots or any more containers for this wall planter.

Instead, you can fill all the rack space with soil and make it ready for the plants. This shabby chic planter is designed for herbs garden. It’s time to make space happier and live healthier.

7. Colorful Hanging Planter Wall Set

credit picture by shameonwinndixie

A small addition to the outdoor side of your wall would really change the image of your home design. It’s perfect for your front door wall in order to impress the guests everytime they pass by your house.

The unique design of the steel structure creates a perfect holder for the colorful pots. It consists of four pots, yellow, red, blue, and green. The size is small, but the change is pretty big.

8. Wood Pallet Wall Planter

credit picture by decorathing

One word comes to mind when I see this planter for the first time, it’s mindblowing. Well, if you have an empty space in your balcony, this set of wood pallet planter needs to be there.

A balcony tends to be an empty space that needs to be filled with natural decoration. This large plant treatment is ready to fill up your balcony. A space in a balcony would let you focus on giving the best treatment and care you can give to those bunch of plants and flowers.

9. Ceramic Hanging Planter for Wall

credit picture by webstechadsweb

Well, three is better than one. This planter consists of 3 tier of the ceramic planter. You can hang this planter right beside the planter shelf. Each of these ceramic pots is handmade. You can buy the ceramic pots from the store and hang them all with a rope.

The white set of hanging planter needs to be hung from the wall with darker color. It would create a nice contrast and let your eye focus on the hanging planter design.

10. Vertical Herb Garden with Metal Pots

credit picture by buyhomefurniture

This planter holder set can have up to 20 pots. As long as your wall space is enough, you can have all of the pots. The metal pots should be filled with herb plants in order to make the use of space decorative and functional.

You can take all the fresh herbs you need to support your recipe. You can have a healthy meal anytime you want.

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11. Mason Jar Hanging Planter for Wall

credit picture by bedroomfurniture

Mason jar is quite a favorite piece of decoration for any style of the house. You might have seen this kind of decoration on many websites or decoration store. For this hanging planter for the wall, you can see that it has a rustic board.

This chic decoration could be looking astonishing on your white wall. You can fill all of the jars with various type of herb plants.

12. Gunny Sack Hanging Planter for Wall

credit picture by helena-source

This rustic hanging planter sack is made of gunny sack material. That kind of material is used because of its strength and durability. You can fill the sack with soil that can grow the greenery you planted in it.

On the white-bricked wall, this hanging greenery looks outstanding. Even though this picture is taking on the outdoor wall, it could be a nice natural touch you can have inside your house.

13. Balcony Gardening Ideas Using Hanging Pots

credit picture by thesoulcialista

Comparing to all of the ideas above, this one is quite different. As you can see, the planters don’t hang on the wall. They are all hanging right on the balcony fence. It’s ready to make your balcony great again and of course more colorful than before.

Flowers are the perfect plant to fill this colorful pots. Right from the balcony, you will see a beautiful view of the garden with many colors.

14. Coconut Plant Liner Hanging Basket

credit picture by hooksandlattice

The idea is quite uncommon, so I guess not so many people use this in their house. You could have this for your house decoration to make your house to be the one and only.

Besides the material, one thing that catches attention is the spot that this planter hangs on. I’m quite surprised that at the bottom of the window could be a nice place to hang your planter. As you can see, it makes a great decor for the window.

15. Medium-Sized Mason Jar Hanging Planter

credit picture by lowes

It’s one of the most favorite Hanging planters for wall design. It’s so flexible. Mason jar can go well on the table, it goes well on the wall too. Wherever you put the mason jar decoration, it would be stunning. The planter on the picture shows the crafty way to use a mason jar.

When the mason jar is ready to hang, you have to find the right way to hang it. Make sure it’s sturdy and strong enough to hold the mason jar filled with soil and Peebles.

16. DIY Plywood Planter with Gorgeous Design

credit picture by bettinaholst

This hanging planter looks fantastic in your minimalist-style house. The diamond-shaped plywood board brings geometric style into the room. It also makes an outstanding frame for the plants. So, people are not only impressed by the plant but also the frame.

Just by looking at the planter, you might think that it’s not easy to make. But, the designer told us that it’s quite easy to make. In fact, you can make it yourself at home. It won’t require any advanced woodworking skill.

17. Beautiful Vines Planter for Living Room

credit picture by trendehouse

Check out this amazing visual made by vines planter on the wall of the living room. Having vines inside a crucial room could be having some risks. It would be a bit of a work to take care of this planter. You will need more energy to treat vines than treating another indoor plant.

But, the energy would be worth spending because you will have such amazing decor on your white wall. You don’t have to take nature to your wall, let nature come and climb to the wall.

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18. Hanging PVC Pipe Planter

credit picture by goodsgn

This creative planter seems to be ready to spice up your wall. There some stacks of PVC pipes that are connected using wires in order to get them hung. But before that, you need to spray the pipes using some nice metallic colors.

Succulent seems to be the perfect plant for this PVC pipe planter. This planter will be looking good indoor or outdoor.

19. Wine Cork Planter for Wall

credit picture by theawesomedaily

Another hanging planter for the wall that is perfect to plant succulent. It’s because the size of corks is small, succulent would fill them all just fine. All plants need soil to stay alive. So, each of the cork should be filled with a tiny little amount of soil.

You don’t have to treat this plant very special because you can just leave succulent that way, it can handle weeks without water.

20. Hanging Macrame Planter for Wall

hanging planter for wall

credit picture by ydeevnepropecia

Another unique idea you can choose to fill up your wall, that hanging planter is called macrame planter. You can be creative in decorating your wall garden using that stylish macrame planter.

The planters hang from clean broomstick that is supported by the metal holder and wooden curtain rings. All of them should come together to create a successful hanging planter design. You can add any plants you want for the Macrame.

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21. Artistic Hanging Macrame Planter

credit picture by homedecormagz

The last but not least idea comes with a design of Macrame planter. It’s now using thicker woven ropes which looks artistically outstanding to your wall. I guess it’s more than just a planter, it’s an outstanding piece of decoration that has plants.

Once again, mason jar completes the look of a planter. This artistic woven rope makes a great closing to the list.

In Conclusion

One more thing, all of the hanging planter for wall ideas above are great for your DIY project. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to fill your wall beautifully. Using some simple tools, materials, and creativity. You can create decor pieces that can change the atmosphere.

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