30 Garden Decor Ideas that Will Blow Your Mind

Gardening is one of the most thrilling activities that you can do with your family. It is not just about growing plants but also designing the layout so it looks impressive and inviting. Therefore, you are going to need these 30 garden decor ideas for your beautiful garden.

1. Colorful Zoo Garden

credit picture by saintloup

Keeping some pets is fun. However, if you keep too many pets, you will be overwhelmed. But you will not find much trouble with these colorful animals that adorn your garden perfectly.

Look at those turtles! Aren’t they adorable when lining up on your lawn? Not to mention the pig and lady bug hiding among the bush. All of these animals can make a small zoo right in your garden and accentuate the pathway.

2. Let’s Color Up The Garden

credit picture by plusarquitectura

Wooden planks are the most ubiquitous materials used to make fences. They are kind of boring sometimes with those straight lines. Let’s try something new, then!
Instead of wooden planks, this fence is made out of wooden logs that are meticulously shaped like an abundance of colored pencils.

The logs are cut into various heights to create a natural look of colored pencils in a box. Therefore, this fence would be suitable for a kindergarten school.

3. Flowers on Bike

credit picture by Pinterest

If you are looking for vintage garden decor ideas, these flowers will probably suit you well. Repurposing an old bicycle and painting it white will turn it into great planters.

You can grow some beautiful flowers in some baskets placed at the front, back, and the right and left side of the saddle. Just a small tip, try growing vines like roses or jasmines at the front basket for a dramatic look.

4. Beautiful Wheelbarrow

credit picture by mykarmastream

You might use your wheelbarrow to carry soil or fertilizer. Now, you can take your wheelbarrow to the next level by turning it into a portable planter. It will be one of the most brilliant garden decor ideas.

This wheelbarrow is partly covered with various kinds of roses that makes it look like an immense bouquet. To enrich the look of the flowers, try adding some greenery like leather fern or ivy and some filler flowers like statices, poms, and gyps.

5. Mrs. Green Toad

credit picture by icreativeideas

Are you looking for some creative garden decor ideas that can embellish your garden without burning a hole in your pocket? Now, look around and see what you have.

If you have some unused tires, get them all and paint them green. Once you have painted them all, you can stack a tire on two other tires. Then, place two smaller tires on top. And, voila! You have got Mrs. Green Toad with you now.

6. Sweet Couple

credit picture by dailymotion

To get a beautiful garden, you need to invest in some lavish planters that may cost an arm and a leg. Why do you have to splurge out on fancy planters if you can make them yourself so you can save more bucks?

These planters are made of oil drums that have been painted blue and pink. Draw a face on each drum so they look like a sweet couple. As the hair of the couple, grow the flowers that have the same color hues as the drums.

7. Cute Little Dutch Girls

credit picture by grafkellerinvestor

Dutch girls’ costumes are usually cute and attractive with lace around the skirts and sleeves. Try having two little Dutch girls that will welcome your guests anytime.

I am not talking about the real girls, though. I am just talking about making cute dolls from some flower pots and lamp shades. You need to paint the pots and lamp shades so they will look cuter.

8. Flowers and Stones along The Pathway

credit picture by seovideos

Garden decor ideas are all about making your garden look more beautiful as well as functional. You may need to accentuate certain spots that play an essential role for your exterior like the fountains and pathways.

Grow some flowers and put some planters along the pathway. You can also need to put some stones to create a more natural look to the pathway.

9. Upcycling Old Kettles

credit picture by homebnc 

If you are a big fan of rustic look, do not miss these garden decor ideas that provide the touch of rustic look to your exterior.

To get this look, you will need some unused kettles. It would be better if you can get the dated ones. You can use these kettles as flower pots where you can grow your favorite flowers. Then, place the kettles on a well-worn wooden ladder to emphasize the rustic look.

10. Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

credit picture by homebnc

Fantastic garden decor ideas do not have to be fancy and arduous. Even a simple idea can mean many things for you if you do it properly, just like this garden.

You cannot find any flowers here. All you can see are tall trees that a little bit drab.

You can do some magic to bring the romantic ambience among these trees. Just wrap some string lights around some trees so they will look like twinkling stars.

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11. Hanging Woven Baskets

credit picture by demandit

Hanging some flower pots is a dime a dozen when it comes to garden decor ideas for limited space. But you can do it better. Instead of flower pots, you can try hanging woven baskets that add a bit nuance to your garden.

12. Old Platers and A Wire Chair

credit picture by  cuisine-et-sante

The fans of shabby chic and vintage styles will be smiling exuberantly when looking at these garden decor ideas. The well-worn platers are hung on the distressed wooden fence along with a classic quote.

You can also find a green wire chair among the greenery. It holds a big flower pot well so the subtle pink flowers look amazing among the green leaves.

13. The House of A Fairy

credit picture by  cuisine-et-sante

Your cute little princess is going to love this idea. You will build a tiny house for a tiny fairy. Not only your daughter but also your guests will feel amazed by this small house.

14. A Pink Kettle with Spoons and Forks Curtain

credit picture by  cuisine-et-sante

Many homeowners use kettles in place of flower pots to grow some flowers. Sometimes, the kettles look subtle while they need conspicuous things to impress passersby.

If you have the same problem, you can try making spoons and forks curtain hanging under the kettle. They will work exactly the same as seashell curtain.

15. Flowers in Kettles

credit picture by  cuisine-et-sante

Kettles are one of the most versatile kitchen utensils. You can turn them into anything you want including flower pots. They will lend the look of classic styles when pairing with well-worn backdrop like old wooden barrels or fences.

16. Huge Mushrooms

credit picture by  cuisine-et-sante

How nostalgic! These red mushrooms conjure up the moment when you played Super Mario Bros with your friends.

These giant mushrooms are easy to make, but they can lend a nuance by adding pops of colors among the green bush. You only need to stand some wood branches and top them with round plastic basins that have been painted red with a few white dots.

17. Colorful Colanders for Colorful Flowers

credit picture by cuisine-et-sante

There are many things in your kitchen that you can include in your garden decor ideas. One of them is colanders. Colanders feature round shape with some tiny holes on their side and bottom that make them become perfect containers to grow some flowers.

To prettify your flower garden, you can paint the colanders before planting the flowers. This will perk your garden up for sure.

18. Valuable Time

credit picture by Pinterest

We all agree that the most valuable thing in our lives is the time. Try to manage your time as well as possible and never waste your time. And as a good reminder of this advice, having a clock-like adornment in your garden will be your safe bet.

19. Let’s Visit The Elf

credit picture by nerdtag

This miniature house really looks like a real house in the middle of a forest. You can see some shrubs as the backdrop which represent the trees in a jungle. The wooden house is fantastic. It even has a chimney and mail box with some letters in it.

Some small flowers are put along the pathway to accentuate it. But who would live in this tiny house? Could it be an elf? Whatever it is, one thing for sure, your guests will be surprised when seeing the details that you care about when making this miniature.

20. Butterfly Stepping Stones

credit picture by steemit

If you have a lawn in your front yard, you will have to treat it with the utmost care and make sure that no one will step onto it. Therefore, making a pathway or lining up some stepping stones will be your greatest bet.

Instead of laying some round or square stepping stones, why don’t you try creative garden decor ideas like this one? You only need to collect some pebbles, paint them all, and arrange them to form butterflies.

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21. Small Colorful Mushrooms

credit picture by Pinterest

These small mushrooms would jazz your backyard up by adding pops of colors. You do not have to break a sweat to make these cute mushrooms. Just get some plastic flower pots and trays, then paint the pots white. Paint the trays the colors of your choice with white dots on them. Then attach the trays to the pots.

22. Under Your Umbrella

credit picture by firstladiesclub

If you have a broken umbrella, do not put it in your dust bin as you can still do a lot of things with it. One of them is repurposing it as a flower container. Growing colorful flowers in your umbrella would lend a distinctive look in your garden.

23. Cheerful Boots

credit picture by mirror

Do not let limited space hinder you from expressing your creativity. You can still have a beautiful garden in your front yard by investing in some flower planters.

But if you want to salt away your money, you can get some old boots in from your storage room and paint them vivid colors like red or yellow to cheer your garden up.

24. It is Thumbelina’s House

credit picture by blackrockartsfoundation

Do you still remember the story of Thumbelina that your mom used to tell as your bedtime story? You can now have the house of Thumbelina right in your garden.

You only need two basins to make this miniature. Fill them with good soil as you are going to grow some low-maintenance plants in them. Then, build a tiny wooden house and a swing to beef the miniature garden up.

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25. Affordable and Easy-to-Make Flowers

credit picture by gardenseason

Having a beautiful garden does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money and time to take care of them. You can still have a garden that you have been longing for by upcycling some bottle caps.

Just paint the bottle caps your favorite colors, and assemble them using glue so they will form flowers.

Tip: the bottle-cap flowers would look more beautiful if you placed them in flower pots or any container.

26. Flower Wheels Garden Decor Ideas

credit picture by onechitecture

This idea is similar to the bottle-cap flowers. But you will upcycle the wheels of bicycles now. You only need to paint the wheels and attach them to stems made of sticks.

27. Glittering Cans Garden Decor Ideas

credit picture by tendancediy

These sparkling cans would look great when the sky is getting dark. Just make sure you place them in a noticeable place like hanging them on a tree or simply putting them on the railing of your deck.

28. Cute Little Bunnies Decor Ideas

credit picture by disturber

These cute little gray bunnies are as adorable as the real ones. Although they are just stones, they can still make people fall in love with them.

29. Giant Paper Flowers Decor Ideas

credit picture by farmfoodfamily

Giant flower papers are not only great for your living room. They can also make cheap yet beautiful adornments for your flower garden. And the good thing is they will always bloom throughout the year.

30. Flowers from Unused Soda Cans

Garden Decor Ideas

credit picture by woohome

Do you have many soda cans at home? Don’t throw them away as you can make these gorgeous flowers from those cans. Just do some cuttings to form the petals, assemble them using glue, and – finally – they are ready to color up your garden.

These garden decor ideas are really mind-blowing. And the greatest part is they are DIY-friendly so you can have a beautiful garden without being broke.

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