22 Creative DIY Terracotta Pot Painting Ideas!

There are many ideas of terracotta pot painting you can choose to make your planting great and fun again. Using the terracotta pot as containers for any types of plants is quite popular these days. It is because this type of pot is practical and it can easily be decorative.

This clay-like earthenware ceramic is being used as flower pots for years. But, it’s also often used for water and sewage pipes, sculptures, and bricks. The terracotta word comes from Italian words that mean “baked earth”.

People love this type of pot because of its durability, affordability, and its plain color which offers you a blank canvas to paint. In this article, we’ll provide you with some fun and easy ideas you can have for your DIY project. This is a perfect way to add personality to your garden decor.

Things You Need

Before you begin exploring all of the ideas, I guess you need to prepare some supplies for painting the terracotta pots. Here they are:

  • Any size of terracotta Pot

  • Painter’s tape in one-inch size

  • Multi-surface acrylic paint (Recommended: FolkArt Brushed Metal)

  • Paintbrush / Pencil / Marker

  • Water seal spray (optional)

  • Outdoor paint sealer (optional)

  • Any extra pieces based on the design.

1. Skull Terracotta Pot Design

credit picture by Pinterest

This design of planter is quite popular out there. People called it as a day of the dead sugar skull planter. But, you can simply call it skull planter. Painting a kind of face image on the pot would make the pot looks like a head with the plants as the hair or hat.

A white base of this design makes a great canvas for the head skull ideas. It makes a great Halloween decoration. You can use this as accessories to decorate your front door when the Halloween comes.

2. Simple X Pattern for Planter

terracotta pot painting

credit picture by positivelysplendid

For a more simple and elegant design of terracotta pot painting, check this one out. It’s quite easy to apply. You’re gonna need a tape to cover the pattern you want to have on your pot. Try that simple X pattern to create the exact scene.

After all the tapes are stuck, you can start painting the whole pot with the new color of your choice. Then, after it’s dry. You can pull off the tape. There you have it, an elegant painting for your planter.

3. Paint-Dropped Terracotta Pot Painting

credit picture by emmahawkins

This is that unique way to paint your terracotta pots. It’s like no other. It would help you add color to your garden. The first thing you need to do is to cover the whole shape of a pot with white painting as the base.

Once it’s dry, you need to turn the pots over with the base facing up. Then, apply some amount of paint color you like. The position of the pots would make the paint run down the sides of the pot. It creates a fantastic paint drop look.

4. Cultural Pattern Terracotta Pot Painting

credit picture by makeit-loveit

The key to this pot painting design is the color choice. It won’t be looking that interesting if you wrongly choose the color. As you can see, the shades of green, orange, and yellow go perfectly together.

Making the pattern blurred like that is quite easy because it’s hand-painted. This painting design would let the view to be focused on the plant, not the planter. So, the pot design color is just there to complete the whole look of the plant.

5. Creative Pot Painting Using Two Colors

credit picture by viendoraglass

Another pot painting ideas that have a simple result to let you focus on the plant even more. Well, some homeowners prefer a very simple design for its pot painting. It’s because they want people to focus on the beauty of the plant, not the pot.

6. Emoji Face on Planters

credit picture by elo7

This is another option of face theme ideas for your terracotta pot painting. If you think the skull head or face is too creepy for your garden. Well, you can make your pot more fun and excite with this simple painting.

Look, you just need black and white paint. As the base, you need to paint the whole pot with white color. Then, draw eyes and mouth with an expression you like. As an example, you can copy those three funny emoji faces.

7. Planter with Gold Foil Lettering

credit picture by living.vecernji

With a touch of gold foil on the pot design, these planters have turned into some fancy decoration for your garden, indoor and outdoor.

Make sure you apply the paint cleanly on the pots as the base. Then, you can add gold glitter on one pot and gold quotes, thoughts, mantras, or any letter you like, to the white base.

8. Terracotta Pot Design for Spring Decoration

credit picture by Pinterest

Get ready to welcome spring season from this time of year. You’re gonna need some spring decoration to get your home ready for spring season. The porch is the right outdoor space to welcome the spring season.

Have this tiered flower pot for house number decor. With a pasty color choice and polka-dot pattern, that flower won’t just be an extra. The flower is the main attraction of this pot design.

9. Neon Painted Terracotta Ideas

credit picture by homelovr

The bright pink dot stickers are just a small addition to the pot but it offers a big update to the pot design. You can pair the pink dots with a white or gray base. This simple addition to terracotta pot painting design is really making a great impression on each of the pot.

10. Decorating Terracotta Pot with Black Marker

credit picture by decomg

If you don’t have a good painting skill in using the paintbrush and a creativity to mix up colors, some black markers would come in handy. Take a look at those cacti, they have a really simple pot design. All of them are designed with a black marker.

A simple icon on each of the white small pot would really make a difference. You can use any icon you like to draw on the white pot.

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11. Gold Terracotta Pot Painting Design

credit picture by Pinterest

A gorgeous design of this planter can easily spice up both your indoors and outdoors. As you can see, a simple painting treatment is used in this pot painting. The use of tape can be flexible to any color and any design. The shiny gold base makes a great highlight to the whole design.

12. Fruit-Themed Terracotta Pot Painting

credit picture by createdbyv

Another fun theme you can try for the terracotta design, this theme is inspired by the color, shape, and design of fruit. In the picture, you can find one pot represents watermelon, and another pot represents pineapple.

Even though the pot is not used to plant such fruit, the fruit still looks great paired with that plant. Just try to plant it yourself.

13. Adorable Pink Design for Terracotta Pot

credit picture by kitchendecor

This adorable painting of pot will easily take over the whole decoration. For example, if you put this pot in the middle of a coffee table, it would immediately become the center of attention in the room.

Although it’s perfect for an outdoor area, it would also look great for indoor areas like a bedroom or living room. The combination of white, pink, and black is quite uncommon but it gives a unique feeling anywhere you place it.

14. Simple Argyle Pattern on Terracotta Pot

credit picture by preciodeleuro

This one would easily go to the simple and easy list of pot painting design. Even though there’s no guide or step to create this pot painting, you can still make it on your own just by seeing the result picture. That’s how easy this painting idea is.

The argyle pattern is well-known for its formal and elegant style. Having it on the terracotta pot for your garden would calmly support the charm of the flower design. The color choice could also be based on the flower you plant in order to make them in harmony.

15. Small Chalkboard Terracotta Pot Design

credit picture by trendecora

This kind of terracotta pot painting allows you to draw or write anything on the pot with chalk. The combination of brown and black makes the pot looks like a mini chalkboard. If you plan to plant herbs on your garden, naming it is very important. So, a chalkboard is needed.

Well, it’s a helpful way to make your herbs garden noticeable and recognizable. It’s perfect for a beginner of herbal plants. You can write on the pot with chalk based on the plant name, such as rosemary, parsley, and mint.

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16. Piano-Inspired Terracotta Pot Painting Ideas

credit picture by Pinterest

This is a pot painting with a musical theme. If you are into a music, especially piano, this might amaze you in every way. As you can see, the lip part of the pot is hand-painted with the piano key design.

It looks amazing even without the plant. I’m afraid when it’s filled with any kind of plants, it will ruin the whole musical theme of this pot.

17. Painting Terracotta Pot with Colorful Shapes

credit picture by frankie

Again and again, a white base is becoming the right treatment to begin the pot painting. As you can see, you can add almost any image with any color on a white-based pot. Colored shapes are great things to create a colorful design to the pot.

You can add as many shapes as possible to fill up the white base. Make sure it’s not too crowded because it would bury the beautiful charm of the plants.

18. Abstract Pattern on Terracotta Pot

credit picture by Pinterest

The abstract pattern can also be a fantastic option to be applied to your pot. To give a unique and one-of-a-kind impression to the pot, you can creatively combine some uncommon colors. I guess it’s a terracotta pot painting design that can get beautiful according to your creativity.

To make it easy, you can just copy what you see in the pictures. I believe this pot painting idea is designed for indoor decoration.

19. Colorful Geometric Design for Terracotta Pot Painting

credit picture by worldbookandnews

A simple geometric design is not interesting for some people. In order to make it more interesting for everyone, you have to focus on the color combination. It’s the key to make any geometric pattern more interesting.

There are four choices you can go for your pot design. Caribbean, green, purple, and sunrise, all of those themes are not using one color. You need more than one color to make a fun geometric pattern like those. Pay attention to the used color shades.

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20. Simple Doodle Art on Pot

credit picture by flashing-insights

If you want something up to date and trendy for your pot design, you can go with this simple doodle art. It would surely make the garden decor more interesting. Any plant can go well with this colorful pot painting.

21. Dip Dye Pots for Succulent Plant

credit picture by me.phununet

Using soft pastel colors for any decoration would offer a smooth transition to any room design. These two dip-dyed pots have an outstanding gradation to maximize the color applied to the white pot.

A dip dye is an easy way to make your plain pot great again. It’s perfect for a small pot to plant a succulent plant that tends to be placed indoor or semi-outdoor room, not a garden.

22. Cute Monster Terracotta Pot Painting

credit picture by Pinterest

Another Halloween decoration ideas for your garden, this pot painting design is something that would be loved by kids. The cute image of doodle monster would definitely excite their feeling. In fact, you can have this idea as a DIY project you can do with your kids.

This DIY project will train your kids to be creative in a fun way. But first, you need to paint the whole pot with white paint or any color you want as a base.

In Conclusion

All of those 22 ideas are easy to apply. They could be a great DIY project you can do in your spare time. By exploring those ideas, the terracotta pot painting would never be this easy. 

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